About BedBathBeyond (formerly known as Overstock.com)

Beyond, Inc., formerly known as Overstock.com, is an American online retailer headquartered in Midvale, Utah. The company, originally founded as D2: Discounts Direct in 1997, underwent a transformative journey, facing bankruptcy in 1999 and eventually being acquired by Patrick M. Byrne and Jason Lindsey, who renamed it Overstock.com. Over the years, Overstock.com diversified its offerings, including surplus and returned merchandise, and introduced the Worldstock division in 2001 to showcase global artisan work. The company went public in 2002, and despite facing challenges such as Google penalties in 2011, it achieved significant growth, reaching a profit of $7.7 million in 2009 and reporting its first billion-dollar year in 2010.

In June 2023, Overstock.com acquired the intellectual property assets of the bankrupt Bed Bath & Beyond for $21.5 million and subsequently rebranded as Bed Bath & Beyond. However, on October 24, 2023, the company announced another rebranding as Beyond, Inc., effective November 6, 2023. This shift also included a change in stock listing to the New York Stock Exchange. Beyond, Inc. operates as an online retailer specializing in home decor, furniture, bedding, and other closeout merchandise, with a history marked by dynamic business strategies and transformations.

Annual revenue as of 2022 is $1.93 billon with 1050 employees as of 2022.

Are you a supplier with exceptional products, eager to reach a broader market through Bed Bath & Beyond? Look no further – CRAS is here to elevate your journey to success. Formerly known as Overstock.com, our sales representative professionals specialize in guiding suppliers like you through the seamless transition to selling on BedBathBeyond.com.

Unparalleled Expertise

With a wealth of experience in the e-commerce landscape, our team understands the nuances of selling on platforms like Bed Bath & Beyond. We provide tailored solutions that align with your business goals, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

Seamless Transition

Navigating the transition from Overstock.com to Bed Bath & Beyond can be complex. Our dedicated sales representatives are well-versed in the intricacies of this shift, offering strategic guidance to make your journey a seamless and successful one.

Comprehensive Support

From product listing optimization to inventory management, we offer comprehensive support at every stage. Our goal is not just to help you sell; we strive to enhance your brand visibility and maximize your sales potential on BedBathBeyond.com.

Our Services

Onboarding Assistance

We streamline the onboarding process, ensuring a swift transition to Bed Bath & Beyond's platform.

Account Management

Our dedicated account managers work closely with you to understand your product line and devise strategies for optimal performance.

Listing Optimization

Stand out in the competitive marketplace with professionally optimized product listings that captivate Bed Bath & Beyond's discerning customer base.

Marketing Strategies

Maximize your product visibility with targeted marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand presence on BedBathBeyond.com.

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